the benefits
Selling House Accounts makes sense. Check out why using inKind will have you reaping the rewards.
Get amazing new customers
Word of mouth referrals are the most effective form of restaurant marketing. inKind's free tools allow you to finally harness that power in a trackable and affordable way.

1. Issue promotional credit through our app to your best customers, for them to share with their friends.
2. For every friend that comes in, you can reward your best customers with bonus credit.

Your best customers will provide the best referrals - more people like them.
Get revenue upfront
With House Accounts you receive the revenue for multiple visits to your restaurant, in advance. Only a small percentage of your guests will buy House Accounts, so your cashflow isn't harmed.

As our House Accounts are digital and assigned to a particular guest, you also get to take advantage of breakage - not everyone will use all of their gift card balance.
Locking in your customers
Since our House Accounts are for large amounts, they lock in the customers for a long time. This protects your restaurant against competition from new businesses and insulates you from the customer deciding to go somewhere else for any other reason.

It also encourages them to steer group meals to your restaurant, as they know they can use their House Account for their portion of the meal.
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