From the Farmer

Jason Lundberg & Nick Phelps
From the Farmer is a third-party CSA that brings together farmers and vendors, and delivers their produce to people in the local community. Customers receive a basket of groceries delivered to their door each week, which they can customize - adding extra items and skipping the brussel sprouts. They currently service hundreds of zip codes in Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland.
Increasing Add-Ons
When you have credit, some of which is free bonus credit, it doesn't feel like you are spending real money so you are more willing to order that extra item. From the Farmer has been able to get customers into the habit of ordering more, which is great for when their credit ends.
Increasing LTV
From the Farmer was able to sell gift cards to customers who, statistically, were reaching the end of their lifetime value by offering bonus credit. This enabled FTF to lock them in for considerably longer.
Growing the customer base
Buying groceries is something everyone has to do. From the Farmer was able to harness the inKind network, offering a free trial to anyone in the area who had purchased a gift card to another business inKind has worked with. These qualified leads made great potential customers for From the Farmer to win over.
We handled everything
Though our expertise in marketing high-value gift cards, we took on promoting their business to current and new customers in the DC metro area. We even handled the purchase process.
"inKind's value-add is much more than just the gift card tools they provide. Their model helped strengthen the relationship we have with our customers."

- Jason Lundberg, Founder, From the Farmer

Jason Lundberg
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