Need capital to make an improvement to your business?

inKind's innovative pre-funded structure enables you to grow and engage your best customers.
We can pre-fund six months worth of House Account sales. We do this by purchasing the credit from you in advance and then selling the credit as House Accounts to pay ourselves back.
1. Fund
Our underwriting team evaluates your business and determines how many House Accounts we can sell in 6 months.

We then provide you with that amount in funding, in exchange for credit to your business.
2. Market
We provide you with the marketing tools needed to sell House Accounts in-store and we sell to the local community via email and social media.

We set a weekly target for House Accounts sales, and get everyone invovled in hitting it.
3. Service
You give awesome service when someone comes in to redeem part of their House Account.

Guests feel special and have the ability to gift part of their credit to friends and family.
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How The Financing Works
We provide you with capital in exchange for credit to your business - which we sell as House Accounts.
The amount of credit we take is a multiple of the capital we provide, to enable us to offer bonus credit to those purchasing a House Account.
We never take more than 8% of your annual sales in credit, so on any night, there should only be one or two tables using House Accounts to pay.
You are already open for business serving regular guests - so your staff are there being paid, your rent is current and your lights are on.
Therefore, the cost to you when someone extra comes in and redeems a House Account is just the cost of the ingredients you use to make their food (typically around 30%). If we take $20,000 in credit, the cost to you would be around $6,000.
The actual cost will be even lower as some people will relocate, or for other reasons, will not use all of their House Account credit.
How inKind works
Financing Amounts
Fast, meaningful capital to help your business grow
largest financing
average financing
3 days
average time to finance
inKind's approach is significantly better than gift card marketers
*GroupOn takes a 20-30% cut of sales
How are we different?
We designed the funding model we wanted as fellow business owners. Read our story.
Keep your equity
We don't take any equity in your business.
Keep your cash
Unlike bank loans or cash advance services, our primary repayment is through selling House Accounts to your customers.
Keep doing what you're doing
Give great service to your House Account holders and every time they redeem credit, your liability reduces.
Ask our clients
"Thank you inKind for helping us make all this happen!"
Kevin Tien
Owner & Chef, Himitsu
"Small businesses, helping other small businesses. It's what it's all about."
Alan Clifford
CEO, Galley Foods
Get started today
Are you ready to grow? Introduce House Accounts to your business, today.