Making an Impact
In light of recent circumstances happening in the community, this passion project was birthed to relieve suffering from any societal, economic, or natural catastrophes. Currently, our world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're gathering up our chef's talents and our communities' resources to bring meal kits to help spruce up your #lifeathome. Participate in our efforts to help #flattenthecurve.

100% of profits are being donated
to those impacted by COVID-19.
We can all be heroes #BoneThugHeroes

What if I don't have experience cooking?
No problem! We're making these kits easy to bake and as dummy-proof as possible.

How do I receive my bone marrow?
We're looking to partner with various restaurants in different neighborhoods to create pick-up hubs for our meals. Please submit the form below to request your neighborhood (if you are a restaurant owner that would like to work together, please contact Calvin Hang 626-623-2231)

How does payment work?
When choosing an option, you'll be transferred to a purchase page that converts the subscriptions into dollar amounts (i.e. for option 1 - pay for 3 months and get 1 month free, it will be displayed as pay $90 get $120). An email confirmation will be sent with details regarding the location and time of pick up!

What organization/cause will my contribution go towards?
We are currently partnered with 'Code Masks' to provide 100,000 masks to hospitals in the Los Angeles region and the Los Angeles Fire Department with the help of your donations! Find more information here.