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Meet Marc Zimmerman
Set to open on Spear St in Septemebr 2019, Gozu is the first restaurant by chef Marc Zimmerman, who is an alum of S.F. heavyweight Alexander's Steakhouse, as well as Nobu and Okada in Las Vegas.

Chef Marc has long nurtured relationships with farms in Japan, built upon during his time at Alexander's, where he opened restaurants in Tokyo and Tapei. Gozu will give him the opportunity to showcase these farms.
Gozu will be kappo-style - a more sedate way of dining than izakaya, but similar in that it's a progressive, interactive meal. Kappo dining creates a fully-balanced meal with different ingredients and courses working together toward one memorable, complete experience using the five primary cooking techniques (grilling, steaming, frying, simmering, and raw preparations). At Gozu, that means a heavy emphasis on tender Wagyu beef, as well as seafood and other California ingredients.
An intimate experience
Gozu will be a 45-seat restaurant, with 29 of these seats running along the counter - giving our guests access to our chefs and a more experiential meal from our tasting menu. There will be 14 seats in our lounge area, a more relaxed envirnoment with a la carte options.
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