True Health & Wholeness

Christian Elliot & Nina Elliot
True Health & Wholeness is more than just a gym. It takes a holistic approach to you and your wellbeing, offering nutrition sessions and treatments as well as classes and personal training. Based in Arlington, Northern Virginia, the center allows its members to pay-as-they-go for all services, or sign up for a monthly membership.
Funding refurbishment
When banks lend money, they typically look for something they can take security over, seize and sell, if things go wrong. You can't sell redecorating and refurbishing costs, so banks aren't interested. inKind Capital will fund anything a business needs capital for, including refurbs.
Re-engaging "lost" customers
True had a number of users who hadn't paid for a class or session in a number of months. A targeted, well structured inKind email campaign was able to re-engage these users. Purchasing a gift card for a number of classes that got them into a workout routine at True.
Staying competitive
With an influx of boutique studios offering workouts, a center with a wide range of services needs to stay relevant and offer something more. True worked with inKind Capital to launch its monthly membership models.
We handled everything
Though our expertise in marketing VIP Gift Cards, we took on promoting their business to current and new customers in the DC metro area. We even handled the purchase process.

See True's VIP Gift Card purchase page.
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