COVID-19 Support:
Restaurants + Bars Need Your Help.
Restaurants and bars may be one of the greatest business casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without immediate assistance, many restaurants will shut their doors, never to reopen. These closures will have a devastating impact on the whole ecosystem, including employees, suppliers, and service providers.
What We Do
inKind offers high-dollar, supercharged gift cards. Guests are asked to “pre-pay for their next few meals” and are rewarded with a bonus for doing so (e.g. pay $500 and receive $600 in food and beverage credit).

Gift cards are administered through the inKind app, so they can be easily tracked, shared and redeemed.

Ways You Can Help

Donate to our partner charity
They buy credit from restaurants we work with, and give that credit to frontline hospital workers - you help give restaurants revenue and help feed those risking their lives for us.
Buy House Accounts to Your F&B Clients
Empower your salespeople to buy House Accounts to your restaurant clients to show them your support. They will remember who stood with them post-COVID.
Prepay for your next happy hour/party
If there is a local spot you use for company parties or regular happy hours, buy a House Account there to use when things get back to normal.

Double Your Impact

Your money can go further when you utilize our charity partners.

Help bars, restaurants and cafes

Help frontline workers during COVID-19

Why Restaurants Love inKind

More cash
Customers purchase higher dollar amounts than regular gift card purchasers, giving the restaurant more cash now
Cheaper for Tips
Customers tip with credit cards on file, not with their gift card credit (15%-20% savings for restaurants compared to regular gift cards)
New Customers
Customers can easily gift and share part of their credit, bringing you new customers
Case study
Zola raised $24,750 in three days
Zola is a fine-casual French restaurant in Palo Alto, CA. The owner/operator of Zola, Guillaume, is much loved by the restaurant’s regulars and made the difficult decision to close on March 14th due to COVID-19. He partnered with inKind to offer House Accounts - giving his regulars bonus credit for pre-paying for their next few visits when he re-opens, and giving him the cash he needs now to support staff and costs. We raised $24,750 in three days through House Accounts since the launch of the campaign.
Case study
Big Wheelbarrow bought a $1,000 House Account for Christmas
The investors of local start-up Big Wheelbarrow bought a $1,000 House Account to TenTen in Austin, TX to take the team out for a holiday meal in December 2020.

The investors get their budget to stretch a little further thanks to the bonus $250 in credit they got, and the restaurant received the funds now, when they need them most.
  • Support Provided by:
    A registered 501(c)(3) company who works in International Aid, Crisis Support, and Feeding the homeless in Los Angeles. Due to a the COVID-19 crisis, Sharing Hands is assisting front line workers in need of meals during the current crisis.
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