House Accounts & Loyalty
inKind's House Accounts are high-dollar gift voucher accounts managed through an app that help build loyalty and customer relationships.

We help you sell high-dollar gift cards to your customers so you get extra cash flow to help you pay staff, bills, etc..
House Account Benefits
Guaranteed visits
House Accounts lock in customers for multiple visits, by having them pre-pay for a number of meals at a discount.
Cash upfront
You get the revenue for multiple visits upfront by selling House Accounts.
How House Accounts Work
We Work Together
We work together to sell House Accounts to your guests. Purchasers get credit to spend with you, with a small bonus.
View Credit Balances
Our app lets you keep track of your House Accounts as well as details of each holder and their balance.
Easy Credit Redemption
Our app makes it easy for guests to check their balance, redeem credit and gift balances to friends and family.
Get Guest Insights
We can notify you when a House Account holder walks in, allowing you to give an awesome, personalized experience.
Our clients love us
  • Luc Chamberland
    Saltwater Oyster Depot
    My guests love how easy it is to check their balances at any time and to add more credit at the click of a button.
  • Camila Arango
    Pluma by Bluebird Bakery
    House Accounts are a great way to help my staff identify our best customers and ensure that we give them VIP service.
  • Jack Zimmerman
    Nova Hospitality
    Our guests really like being able to gift part of their credit to friends, so they can show off their favorite venue and make sure their friends have a great time.
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What's the worst question your staff can ask a regular guest?
Is this your first time dining with us?
This happened to our founder when he took a friend to one of his favorite restaurants in Austin. It was a Monday, so the Chef and Sous Chef weren't there and the manager didn't recognize their party. They had actually been at the restaurant three days prior and had the usual awesome experience - the chef had sent them a new menu item that he was trying out.

We fall in love with restaurants because of the personalized experiences they can provide, but it's really hard for restaurants to provide that every time.

inKind solves that.