Selling House Accounts
Tools and tips to get the most from inKind.
inKind provides multiple ways to help you sell house accounts, and lower your weekly repayments.
Sell House Accounts on your website
Email Capture Banner
Use a banner pop up to incentivize your web traffic to enter their email and we'll enter your participating customers into a raffle for free restaurant credit.

We'll offer everyone who doesn't win the opportunity to purchase a house account so that everyone has the chance to get free credit.

You can also use the captured emails to start your newsletter or add them to existing email lists!
Bonus Credit Banner
Use a banner pop-up to incentivize your web traffic to purchase a house account directly on your website.

Works well with your lowest house account tier and can bring new customers in who we're on your site to learn more about your restaurant!
House Account Button*
Add a section or button link to your webpage telling your customers about the value of house accounts.
* Required
Email Existing Customers
Email Lists
We'll work with you to send out an email to new and existing customers telling them about the value of house accounts and bringing them back to your restaurant.
In Store Collateral
Tents and Takeaways
inKind will match your restaurants aesthetic and help you create collateral for in store promotions and discreet informational cards that can be sent out with bills.
Social Media Posts
Facebook and Instagram
Let the customers who engage with your restaurant on social media know about House Accounts and provide links to purchase accounts directly from Facebook and Instagram.
House Account Referral Program
Incentivize Employees and Affiliates
Reward employees and affiliate partners who sell house accounts to customers and easily monitor how much they have sold through the inKind Managers application.