COVID-19 Community Financing

Restaurant financing designed by owners,
powered by guests.

Navigating COVID-19
During these difficult times, we recognize that many owners are facing challenges in sustaining their dreams in the Food and Beverage industry. With current restrictions on service, it's extremely difficult to keep up with fixed costs without a steady revenue, which is why we have combined our infrastructure and resources to introduce a new type of funding.
This is not debt financing with zero interest rate.

As part of our InKind+ network, we will help you raise money through community financing, which we called "House Accounts". When guests purchase a House Account, they will receive credits and a bonus that will be redeemable at all venues in the network. We will market House Accounts to not just your guests, but all the guests in the network.

We allocate 50% of the funds from the House Account sales evenly across all venues at the end of each week and payout 50 cents on the dollar for any redemptions exceeding the initial payout. This will provide you with the funding you need to stay afloat while retaining loyalty in your existing customers as well as attracting new customers from other venues in the network.

Supported by:
inKind x Asian Hustler Network x Boba Bear Hospitality

How inKind+ works
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We work with you to market House Account purchases to all of your best customers.
Pre-purchase Credit
Customers support your restaurant by
pre-paying for future meals.
Bonus For Guests, Cash For You
Customers are rewarded for their loyal support with bonus food & beverage credit that can be redeemed across inKind+.House Account purchases increase your cash flows.
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What is inKind+?
inKind+ is a new product that allows guests to buy credits (and bonus credits) that can be redeemed across the inKind+ network of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Where is inKind+ being launch?
We are launching this network for all food and beverage establishments in California first. If you are not in California, you are still welcome to apply and we will let you know when we launch in other states.

How does my restaurant get the money from House Account sales?
You get up to 90% of the money from each House Account sold for your restaurant. 50% of the House Account purchase will be sent to you via Stripe at the closing of every week. If credit redemptions at your location exceed that initial payment, inKind will pay you 50 cents on the dollar for every redemption.

1% of account sales are donated to the Asian Hustle Network Relief Fund.
The rest is used for marketing to maximize the exposure to the inKind+ network of restaurants.

What is the Asian Hustle Network Relief Fund ?
Asian Hustle Network is a California Non-Profit Organization. ANH receives 1% of all account sales. ANH will allocate 1% of sales to boost support to specific restaurants at their discretion.

Join their FB group :

Why should I participate in the inKind+ network rather than setting up my own gift card system?
We believe in the power of a network and community. The more venues we have in the network, the more incentivized customers will be to participate, and the bigger the funds we can distribute to everyone. Our existing infrastructure makes every step easier for you and your customers. There is no need to manage complicated excel spreadsheets to keep track of all the redemptions when your time could be spent focusing on the business itself. Lastly, this is a great opportunity to expose your business to great customers in our community.

What happens if my rate of redemption is larger than my account sales?

In addition to receiving 50% of all the accounts sold every week, you will also be paid any accounts redeemed exceeding that 50% not including bonus credits.

What are the bonus tiers of accounts that customers can purchase?
There will be three tiers: $100, $300, and $500 and the bonuses are 10%, 20%, and 30% respectively. In other words:
Customer Pay: $100 They Get: $110 in spending.
Customer Pay: $300 They Get: $360 in spending.
Customer Pay: $500 They Get: $650 in spending.

When will customers be able to start redeeming their credits?
Customers will be able to start redeeming credits as early April. We understand that there are a lot of uncertainties at the moment and you may not be able to resume normal operations due to government restrictions. Don't worry, your customers will be able to redeem the credits later.

Does the credit expire?
The paid value never expires. The bonus value is valid for 3 years.

How do guests redeem the credits?
Once they make a purchase, they will be emailed & texted a link to download the inKind app. They simply enter the bill amount at the end of each visit and their account is charged.

Can gests share the credit?
Yes! Your guests can share any amount of your credits with friends and families.