Funding For Your Restaurant Now:
You get $1,000 upfront and join inKind as we work to support restaurants like yours and the healthcare frontline workers that are keeping us alive and well.
Restaurants + Frontline Workers

We recognize that all restaurant owners need cash now to pay staff, rent, and other costs during this crisis.

We have partnered with Sharing Hands, a charitable relief organization that launched an initiative with Anheuser-Busch, to support local restaurants and frontline healthcare workers. Join this initiative with 30 restaurants and be a part of our InKind+ network in San Diego, we not only will give you $1,000 upfront in exchange for $1,000 in dining credits, we will help you raise additional money through community financing. We will give a total of $30,000 dining credits as a token of appreciation to frontline healthcare workers who are risking their lives to save others everyday.

All restaurants who join the inKind+ network will have the option to utilize our community financing platform.

How it Works

Joining the Initiative
Restaurants get $1,000 upfront for taking part in the initiative. inKind onboards your restaurant to the inKind platform.
Participating Restaurants
Your restaurant grants us $1,000 in Food and Beverage credit that a 501(c)(3) will distribute to Frontline Workers
Supporting Frontline Workers
Each worker receives dining credit that can be redeemed across inKind+ restaurants.
$30,000 relief package made possible by
maha, an Anheuser-Busch company
  • maha hard seltzer wants to help local bars, restaurants and frontline workers. They have teamed up with Sharing Hands to provide support. Learn more.
  • Support Provided by:
    A registered 501(c)(3) company who works in International Aid, Crisis Support, and Feeding the homeless in Los Angeles. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Sharing Hands is assisting frontline workers in need of meals during the current this time.
inKind Community Financing
Success Story: Zola
Chef & Owner Guillaume Bienaime
Zola is a fine-casual French restaurant in Palo Alto, CA with a check average of $70 per person. Zola came to inKind to obtain capital to complete construction on a bar area it was adding to the restaurant. We launched the campaign on February 25th and the response from the community has been tremendous, having sold $40,500 by March 13th. The owner/operator of Zola, Guilluame, is much loved by the restaurant's regulars. Through the inKind platform, his regulars and new diners can purchase high dollar House Accounts with bonus credits. On average, House Account purchasers are paying $765 per transaction.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Zola closed its door on March 14th. Zola partnered with inKind to launch another campaign post-COVID-19 in hope of getting the community's support to weather the challenges during this unprecedented time. We raised $20,750 in three days through House Accounts since the launch of the campaign.

inKind+ FAQs
Who is inKind?
We're committed to the B Corp declaration, which is purpose-driven and creates benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. For us, that means adapting our strategy for each and every client to help, not damage, their bottom line. We have partnered with over 500 restaurants in the US and Australia.

What is Maha?
maha hard seltzer is an Anheuser-Busch company who has partnered with Sharing Hands to help bars, restaurants and frontline workers during this crisis.

What is Sharing Hands?
A registered 501(c)(3) company who works in International Aid, Crisis Support, and Feeding the homeless in Los Angeles. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Sharing Hands is assisting frontline workers in need of meals during the current this time.

How does community financing work?
Restaurants on the community financing platform have the ability to sell House Accounts (high dollar gift cards with bonus credit), to their best customers. 100% of all House Account purchases go directly to your restaurant. This will provide you with the immediate relief you need as well as steady liquidity when you resume regular operations.

Does the gift card expire?
The gift cards do not expire, but the bonus credit given to the customer does expire in 3 years.

How do guests redeem the gift cards?
Once a customer buys, he or she will be emailed & texted a link to download the inKind Mobile App. They enter the bill amount at the end of their visit to your store and their account is charged.

Can Guests share the credit?
Yes! Guests can share any amount of their credit with friends and family.

Where is inKind+ being launch?
We are launching this network for all food and beverage establishments in California first. If you are not in California, please still apply. We will launch in places where we have the most number of applicants.

When will customers be able to start redeeming their credits?
Customers will be able to start redeeming credits on May 11. We understand that there are a lot of uncertainties at the moment and you may not be able to resume normal operations due to government restrictions. Don't worry, your customers will be able to redeem the credits later.
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