Reward customers for spending at your venue.
The inKind App allows your customers to earn food and beverage credit when they spend at your restaurant.
How it works
Guests Link Their
Credit Card
Customers link their credit card to the inKind app so we can see when they spend money at your restaurant.
The inKind App Rewards Spending
You give customers 10% of their bill back in food and beverage credit to spend on their next visit.
Your Customers Spend More Money
inKind loyalty drives increases in check size and visit frequency from your customers.
Why choose inKind loyalty?
Effortless integration
Seamless integration that doesn't require any work from your staff. No punch cards, no QR codes, and no new hardware. Get up and running in a day.
Loyalty rewards stay in-house
The food and beverage credit earned by guests through spending at your venue is only redeemable back at your venue.
Forget cash back, reward food and beverage credit
Not only is it much less expensive for you to give credit back than cash, it also directly generates loyalty. Give a customer cash back and they spend it somewhere else. Give them credit back and they have to come back to you.
Guests love the inKind App!
inKind makes it easy to sign up and start earning rewards!
Check out the app!
Frequently asked questions
How do you verify guest spending at my venue?
inKind uses Plaid, an industry trusted service that sends verified transaction receipts, to verify that a customer has spent at your venue. Customer data is safe and secured behind 256-bit encryption.
Can the restaurant credit guests earn at my restaurant be used at other venues?
No, unlike other rewards programs inKind only rewards guests with credit redeemable to your venue.
How much should I reward guests on their spending?
The higher the rewards, the more incentive customers have to visit and spend. We recommend you reward 10% back in restaurant credit on all spending.
Do you send new customers into my restaurant?
inKind users can find restaurants in their area who are offering credit back giving you a new customer who is also going to be a repeat customer.
How many restaurants are using inKind loyalty?
inKind loyalty is being used by hundreds of restaurants and tens of thousands of guests!
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