New inKind Partners in San Francisco
for 2022

Guide By Sophie Gragg
If you know anything about San Francisco, you know how many incredible food and drink spots this city has to offer. It seems like every turn you make or any block you walk along greets you with a variety of aromas and flavors.
This year we've added over 100 restaurants to inKind, including 20+ to the Bay Area. Whether you're looking for a fine dining experience at one of the Omakase Restaurants or a quick plant-based meal from Veggie Grill, our San Francisco partners have got you covered.

In addition to being part of our House Account program, all of the spots featured in this guide are available withinKind Pass. That means you'll be able to plan your night out, reserve a table, and even check the menu beforehand, all while getting special bonuses to dine. These are also just a small sampling of the 100+ restaurants through inKind Pass.

Here's our wrap-up of the San Francisco partners we've added to the inKind family this year.

New inKind Partners in
San Francisco

Visit all these spots and more with inKind Pass

What's the best way to try all of these restaurants? Try inKind Pass–the curated dining pass that comes with a spending bonus. With inKind Pass, you can dine and drink at any of the restaurants listed in this article or hundreds of other Michelin-star restaurants, cozy cafes, or restaurants throughout NYC.

You'll also get bonuses when you load a balance to your inKind Pass account.

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