inKind Financing
inKind was built by experienced restauranteurs, for restauranteurs
How inKind Finances
inKind buys F+B credit
inKind purchases a large amount of food and beverage credit from your restaurant.
inKind Sells F+B Credit
inKind sells the credit to customers to pay itself back rather than charging you any repayments.
You keep serving great food!
You service the credit over time, as customers come in to spend it, typically over 3 years.
Why it works better than other financing options
Because inKind is simply purchasing credit to your venue and not providing a loan that is paid back, the only cost is servicing credit as guests redeem.
Marginal cost of financing
The cost to your restaurant is the cost of the food and beverage you serve as customers redeem the credit they were sold by inKind. If you're running 30% COGS, servicing $100 of credit will cost $30 + tax.
Other Benefits
  • Engagement
    Guests who buy F&B credit come in more often and spend more per visit, increasing your revenue and deepening your relationship with them.
  • Breakage
    Not all credit will be used. You can benefit from this breakage. Typically between 15-20% of credit is never redeemed.
  • Customer Tips
    When redeeming credit to a venue, guests add gratuity on their credit card meaning your venue isn't covering tip costs.
  • Marketing
    inKind provides free marketing services to grow your email list and digital footprint at no charge and passes those audiences directly to you!
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House Accounts
Food & Beverage credit is sold as 'House Accounts' to customers and distributed through the inKind app.
Touchless Payment & Integrations
Guests can close out their bill with their House Account using their own device through the inKind app. inKind works with or without integration into your point-of-sale.
Adding Funds & Gifting
Guests often add additional House Account funds after redeeming their initial purchase amount and can share credit with friends directly from the inKind app bringing in new high-value customers.
Transaction & Financial Reports
All guest payments are tracked and viewable through inKind's reporting service. Text alerts and emails can also be enabled to alert managers and operators of live credit redemptions.
How are we different?
We designed the funding model we wanted as fellow business owners. Read our story.
  • Keep your equity
    We don't take any equity in your business.
  • Keep your cash
    Unlike bank loans or cash advance services, our primary repayment is through selling House Accounts to your customers.
  • Keep doing what you're doing
    Give great service to your House Account holders and every time they redeem credit, your liability reduces.
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Are you ready to grow? Introduce House Accounts to your business, today.