Grow your revenue
and customer base

Harness the power of your customer base through selling high-value gift cards.
inKind sells high-value gift cards to your restaurant. Our custom mobile app handles gift card management, redemptions and credit sharing.
The Benefits
New Customers
Easy credit-sharing allows your best customers to refer their friends. Reward them with bonus credit for each referral.
Lock-in for the long haul
Our high-value gift cards guarantee your guests stay visiting you, not the competition.
Cash upfront
Obtain the revenue from multiple visits upfront, by selling a high-value gift card.
How it works
Sign up and start selling
We provide you with:
- a custom website where your customers can purchase high-value gift cards,
- access to the inKind mobile app for managing and redeeming gift cards, and
- electronic and physical marketing materials to help sell the gift cards.
Manage gift cards through our app
Check your total gift card liability and guests' balances with the touch of a button. You can also add extra credit or deduct credit if you want to provide a guest with a seamless "no bill" expereince.
Guests redeem credit through the app
No more lost cards or uncertain balances. Gift cards are exclusively redeemed through the inKind mobile app, allowing a guest to check their balance any time, any where. Tips are charged to the credit card we have on file, taking the awkward out of tipping when using a gift card.
Guests share credit
Passionate guests can share part of their gift card balance with friends and family, amplifying your reach. You can also grant them bonus credit to share with friends to encourage them to make referrals, and reward them with bonus credit when they do.
Why this works
The best form of marketing is a word-of-mouth referral from a trusted source.

The inKind mobile app allows you to identify your best customers and incentivize them to refer their friends. With the click of a button you can give them credit to share with friends to encourage them to try you out, and also reward your best customers with bonus credit when their referrals do come in.

Friends of your best customers are likely to be awesome referrals because they will share similar characteristics and spending potential as your best customers...after all, they are friends for a reason!
Leverage our experience
Since launching, we've helped dozens of companies like yours all over the United States.
local businesses we've financed
$3.6 million
states we're working in
Certified B Corp
inKind is a certified B Corporation - a global movement of people using business as a force for good. We meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.
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What businesses do we work with?
We work with all types of local businesses including restaurants, CSAs, meal delivery companies, and more.
inKind helped fund Himitsu's opening costs including redecoration and purchasing kitchen equipment. Three months after opening its doors, Chef Kevin Tien was nominated for a James Beard award.
See Himitsu's Story
Meal delivery services
Galley Foods upgraded their commissary kitchen's capabilities to keep up with growing demand from their community.
See Galley Food's story
From the Farmer was able to build relationships with more local vendors and expand its sustainable offerings to its customers.
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What our customers think
inKind understands our mission of providing the best sustainable seafood options to our community. By supporting hyper-local oyster farmers we are not only serving delicious product, but helping our neighbors and keeping our bay healthy.
Luc Chamberland
Saltwater Oyster Depot
My lifelong dream since growing up as a girl in Columbia has been to open a world class bakery. inKind helped fund our Italforni deck oven and opening inventory expenses.
Camila Arango
Bluebird Bakery
Fare Well is a diverse, inclusive, accepting, and welcoming safe space for everyone. inKind shares the same values that we do so I was thrilled to have a partner like them.
Doron Petersan
Fare Well by Sticky Fingers
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