Restaurant Financing Redesigned
150 restaurants have partnered with inKind for unique no-loan, no-equity funding.
Restaurant owners keep their ownership and hard earned profit and all they have to do is continue to serve amazing food and delicious beverages to their guests.
The Value of inKind
The average amount an inKind user spends on a single transaction
inKind users spend three times as much money per visit
inKind refers on average 100 new guests to a restaurant
Why inKind?
Capture More Repeat Guests
Our House Account platform guarantees your guests stay visiting you, not the competition. Reward them with bonus credit for keeping you top of their list.
Get New, High-Spending Guests
We buy credit in your restaurant and give it to inKind guests to try you out. These are great customers, so make a good first impression and they'll come back.
No Interest Financing for Great Restaurants
For restaurants that we love, we'll buy up to $1,000,000 in F&B credit to fund growth in your existing restaurant or for a new restaurant.
Guests love inKind
Are you a guest interested in using inKind? Click here to find out how you can take advantage of our app!
Guests are able to purchase credit and get a bonus
Guests love when you use the inKind platform. We market to them the ability to purchase 10-30 meals in advance and get up to 30% as a bonus.
Guests give you information to personalize their experience which means increased spend
Guests want a personalized experience. inKind guests tell you exactly what you need to know to personalize their experience and ultimately get them to buy more.
Guests love the payment experience
The inKind app allows guests to check their balance, gift their credit to friends, book private events and redeem credit when they visit you.
Guests Love inKind
Guests love when you use the inKind platform. We market the ability to purchase meals in advance and get up to 30% bonus House Account credit.

Guests can tell you exactly what you need to know to personalize their experience and ultimately get them to buy more.

Guests can easily close their bill, purchase more credit or gift House Accounts to new, high-value guests!

The inKind Guest Experience
Bonus Credit
Guests can purchase meals in advance and receive bonus house credit.
Guests can easily redeem credit to your venue or gift credit to new high-value guests.
Personal touch
Guests can share their preferences so you can personalize their experience.
Guests can easily pay their bill, purchase credit or earn credit back on paid transactions.
Just like Uber disrupted a broken taxi industry, inKind has disrupted restaurant financing.
Traditionally, restaurants receive funding through equity investors and loans. inKind has invented a new form of finance where we purchase a bulk amount of food and beverage credit up-front from a restaurant, and then sell it to guests over time.
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Featured Partners
We've brought inKind to over 150 restaurants and food businesses in the US and Australia.
Navy Strength
Seattle, WA

Awarded best new cocktail bar 2018 at the Tales of the Cocktails in New Orleans, this fun and happening tiki bar serves up a taste of tropical paradise from renowned bartenders Anu and Chris Elford (owners of Rob Roy and No Anchor).
The Ravenous Pig
Orlando, FL

A James Beard nominated restaurant near Orlando, husband and wife team James and Julie Petrakis have dazzled diners and earned critical acclaim for their thoughtful creations inspired by the best seasonal foods the Sunshine State has to offer.
Washington, DC

Bringing Japanese fusion to DC, Chef Kevin Tien is the capital city's hottest chef of the moment. Appearing on Iron Chef, nominated for a James Beard award two years running and enjoy critical acclaim in the food press, Himitsu's food and cocktails are delicious.
Salt & Time
Austin, TX

A full-service butcher shop, salumeria and restaurant featuring fresh cut meats from sustainable Texas ranches. Offering house made sausages, salumi and charcuterie, as well as fine artisan foods, coffee, beer and wine in a cool, relaxed environment.
Rogue Bistro
Brisbane, Aus

A spacious venue with contemporary, minimalist decor, this gorgeous restaurant allows you to experience the simplicity of good food with their new take on modern dining.
Washington, DC

French-style artisanal bakery from one of DC's most respective pastry chefs. Also providing pastries wholesale to coffee shops in the DC area.
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