Looking to attract new, high-spending customers? inKind markets your business to its existing base of high-spending users.
Target the right customers
inKind advertises your business to its own existing users that have purchased high dollar gift cards in other local business of a similar caliber as yours. These potential customers for your business are not deal-seekers who are cheap tippers or one-time visitors. These are loyal customers who are willing to spend a significant amount of money at your business and will be required to make multiple visits to your business in order to redeem their high values of credit.
Use our network
inKind helps you acquire these customers by marketing your business through email campaigns to existing inKind users. For all of our users, we know their age, gender, billing address, and the dollar amount of gift card (indication of wealth) they have bought. Armed with this data, we can target current inKind users of a certain age range and gender and who live within a certain distance of your business. Furthermore, we've found that age, home address, and a history of purchasing a high dollar gift card is the best determinant of the gift card dollar amount someone is willing to purchase in a project.
Use our tactics
We can also help your business acquire customers by giving free credit to users that we know are similar to your best customers. We were able to successfully use this strategy to help one of our clients, From the Farmer, acquire new customers. From the Farmer is a third-party CSA operating in the DC Metro Area. From the Farmer was able to hardness the inKind network, offering a free trial to anyone in the area who had purchased a gift card to another business with whom inKind has worked. These qualified leads made great potential customers for From the Farmer to win over.
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