inKind has a unique mission amongst marketing and financing companies. We're small business owners ourselves, so we care about genuinely benefiting your business. In fact, we're a registered B Corp!
We're a B Corp!
We're committed to the B Corp declaration, which is purpose-driven and creates benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. For us, that means adapting our strategy for each and every client to help, not damage, their bottom line.
Our community
The values we hold and the actions we take are guided by principles perfectly aligned with the B Corp ethos. We want to be publicly held accountable for these beliefs and join a community of like-minded companies from whom we can learn and share best practices.
Our beliefs
inKind strongly believes that driven and successful entrepreneurs should have tools available to help take their businesses to the next level - no matter what their background.
Our employees
inKind also has a firm commitment to the development of its employees. Further empowering them with knowledge about all areas of the business so they can collaborate, contribute and grow with the company - a world in which employees are encouraged to be creative, take ownership and have a voice, will lead to better outcomes for all stakeholders.
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