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How do I redeem my dining credit?
Once you buy, you'll be emailed and texted a link to download the inKind App. You then simply tap "Pay" on the app home screen and then enter your bill amount and your account will automatically be deducted for the cost of your meal.
Does the dining credit expire?
The paid value never expires. The bonus value is valid for 3 years.
Can I share my dining credit?
Yes! You can share any amount of your credit with friends and family all within the inKind App.
FAQs for Restaurants
What is an inKind Account?
inKind Accounts are a new way for VIPs to pre-pay for their future visits and get rewarded with bonus dining credit and access to exclusive benefits that enhance their experience (ex. priority bookings, invites to events, food & beverage tastings). New benefits are constantly being rolled out so stay tuned for updates from the inKind team.
How do customers sign up?
Customers can sign up at,,, or via the inKind Mobile App. inKind will also work hand-in-hand with your restaurant to create highly customized and targeted marketing aimed directly to customers that are great fits to sign up.
How do customers access their accounts?
As soon as a customer buys an account, they'll get a text message and an email with a link to download the inKind App. Once they log in, their total balance will be displayed on the home screen.
How are the accounts redeemed?
Customers can redeem their dining credit via the inKind App with a few easy steps.
For Toast Locations
For Micros Locations
What else can customers do with their accounts?
The inKind App allows customers to do the following:
Helpful training links:
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