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Restaurant Guides
Read our restaurant guides to find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops and places to share meals across the nation.
New to inKind
New and Delicious Bars, Bakeries, and Restaurants on the inKind App
Enjoy more fresh flavors and colorful concepts this Spring with the new restaurants added to inKind in April 2023
New to inKind
10+ New Restaurants on the inKind App in February
Whether you're looking for an enchanting culinary exploration of the Côte Basque region or an authentic bowl of ramen, you'll find it on inKind Pass.
Washington D.C.
5 of Our Favorite High-End Restaurants in D.C.
These Washington D.C. restaurants serve world-class meals and are highly recommended, visited, and rated by the culinary community.
New York City
Our Favorite Date Night Restaurants in NYC
In this guide to date night restaurants in NYC we've curated some of the hottest spots for lovers, new and old. You'll find elevated high-end concepts alongside quicker casual options for first dates or quick conversations.
Healthy Living
Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants on the inKind App
Dine out at these healthy restaurants on the inKind app, offering nutrient-rich meals, delicious juices, and smoothies, and plant-forward cuisine packed full of flavor.
San Francisco
5 of Our Favorite Cocktail Bars in San Francisco
These cocktail bars in San Francisco offer delicious and imaginative cocktails sure to delight anyone looking for the perfect happy hour or night out.
Los Angeles
Our Favorite Date Night Restaurants in Los Angeles
Many restaurants in Los Angeles claim to be the best date-night spot, but which ones have the real special flair and intimate atmosphere you're hoping will impress your special someone?
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Cultural Stories
Today's food landscape is a celebration of cultures. Join us as we explore the foods, stories, and regional cuisines that transform us, inspire us, and unite us.
Cultural Stories
Introducing The Shared Plate Series: inKind's Celebration of AAPI History Month
At inKind, sharing a meal is a core part of our values. We believe the table is a gathering place for food, yes, but more importantly for feeding the human spirit with family, friends (and new friends), and co-workers.
Cultural Stories
An Exploration of Food: The Chefs and Stories that Bridge our Cultural Divide
Today's food landscape is a celebration of cultures. Join us as we honor the rich stories of local chefs and regional cuisines. Together, we can explore the foods that transform us, inspire us, and unite us.
Cultural Stories
Celebrating International Women's Day: Demonstrating the Demonstration
Join InKind as we celebrate the important women—both past and present, both known and unknown—who have made an outsized impact in the restaurant industry.
Cultural Stories
Discover AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Restaurants on inKind
This Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we're highlighting inKind partner restaurants that bring to life the food of the Asian diaspora.
Black Chefs in America
Black Chefs in America: Eric McCree
Chef McCree's love of food was passed down from his grandfather, Tiny Gaines, who surrounded Eric with Southern food.
Black Chefs in America
Black Chefs in America: Matt Horn
You can't have a conversation about barbecue without talking about Matt Horn. Horn is a self-taught pitmaster, who has changed the landscape of barbecue in America.