6 of Our Favorite Cocktail Bars in Washington D.C.

Guide By Cole Bubenik
Finding a great cocktail can be a crucial need. Whether meeting up with old mates, vacationing with new ones, or sharing a happy hour with coworkers–you'll want a place that feels fun and energetic.
In this restaurant guide, we're highlighting some of the best cocktail bars in D.C. we focused on a few different criteria: do they serve the classics? Then, we expand from there: how does it feel to sit there? Do these spots have a good happy hour? What type of signature drinks do they have on the menu? How is their food: full menu, or just small plates?

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Places Featured in This Guide:

Our Guide to the Best Cocktail Bars in D.C.

Service Bar

926-928 U St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Best Cocktail bars in D.C. - Service Bar
Service Bar, started by Chad Spangler and Glendon Hartley in 2016, is known in D.C. for its signature cocktail menu and great food like fried chicken, mozzarella balls, and buffalo chicken sandwiches. This space is perfect for anyone who wants to counter the traditional quiet and formal cocktail bar. Service Bar boasts a "low-key atmosphere" making it a perfect place to bring friends and family.

You'll love this neighborhood bar's focus on high-quality local ingredients and its bold, fresh, and innovative cocktail list.
Our Cocktail Recommendation
The Semester Abroad: lemon-infused vodka, Strega, pineapple, and lemon. Service Bar is a great spot for family and friends. The bustling atmosphere will make you want to swap stories and experiences and the semester abroad will prime you to share that one light, refreshing, and carefree summer you spent touring abroad.

Bar Amazonia

920 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001
Best Cocktail bars in D.C. - Bar Amazonia
Located on the second floor, above Carlos Delgado's Peruvian restaurant, Causa, Bar Amazonia features a slice of Amazonian cuisine and delicious cocktails. You'll fall in love with their decor which features rich velvety greens, wicker lights, and illustrative prints.

If you're looking for room to spread out, they have a glamorous outdoor patio featuring great views and ample seating. Treat yourself to their delicious list of cocktails, featuring plenty of bold and beautiful flavors.
Our Cocktail Recommendation
The El Cóndor: Neisson blanc Rhum, tamarillo, campari, lime. Causa serves a tasting course that sends you on a trip through Peru and the Andes, and this cocktail highlights that with familiar Peruvian notes and just a hint of spice.


1280 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Best Cocktail bars in D.C. - Destino
Destino is your ideal destination for modern interpretations of classic Mexican dishes and drinks. The team at Destino describes their restaurant as being "inspired by all the places in Mexico we have visited or lived" and as serving "food and drinks we love, served by our happy restaurant family." You'll quickly pick up on their communal vibe, with great outdoor seating and a beautiful interior, this spot will make you feel right at home.

Destino earns its spot as one of the best cocktail bars in D.C. based on its interpretations on classic cocktails like daiquiris, Palomas, and negronis made with mezcal.
Our Cocktail Recommendation
Their Mezcal Negroni: Mezcal, hibiscus red bitter, Cio Cairo, Dolin rouge. The Negroni is a classic (with or without the spagliatto), and Destino's take on a Negroni is sure to become a classic for you. Serged with Mezcal and hints of hibiscus bitters, this drink provides refreshing sips that perfectly complement your meal.


1351 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002
Maketto's 60-seat restaurant has a fresh interpretation of Cambodian and Taiwanese cooking all situated in a communal marketplace serving a combined restaurant and cafe experience. While their dumplings and Red Pork Bao are to die for, their cocktail bar is nothing to overlook.

With signature cocktails like the Brothers and Sisters (Four Rose Bourbon, plum wine, and mandarin soda) and the Negroni Ceremony (served with Japanese whisky infused with Tieguanyin Tea), you'll find beautiful and innovative flavors with every sip. Maketto is one of the best cocktail bars in D.C. and, as a bonus, after eating check out Coolkids Vinyl, located upstairs, for records, comics, and hundreds of curated books.
Our Cocktail Recommendation
The Brothers and Sisters: Four Rose Bourbon, Umeshu (Plum Wine), and Mandarin soda. This cocktail will give you hints of the Cambodian and Taiwanese cooking you're set to explore at Maketto. A lighter cocktail served with a hint of plum sweetness, I guarantee you'll love it.


401 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004
Best Cocktail bars in D.C. - Oyamel
Visit Oyamel for delicious food inspired by the rich diversity and vibrant urban atmosphere of Mexico City from chef José Andrés. Stay for their creative cocktails, signature Salt Air Margaritas and lively dining room.
Our Cocktail Recommendation
The Oyamel with 'Salt Air', Milagro Blanco, Combier l'Original, lime. This cocktail is José Andrés (and our) personal favorite. A perfect sampling of a classic Mexican drink crafted with a unique and refreshing twist.

1799 Prime Steak and Seafood

10 S Pitt St, Alexandria, VA 22314
Best Cocktail bars in D.C. - 1799 Prime
This spot for steak and seafood is infused with history. Describing themselves as a "polished modern steakhouse" 1799 Prime serves prime steaks, fresh seafood and delicious craft cocktails in Old Town, Alexandria. Their elevated communal interior and the classic red-brick exterior give this spot a historical feeling that's sure to delight any diners.

Their Peacock Lounge serves classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Moscow Mule alongside their delicious craft cocktails like an Aperol Mule, 1799 Smoked Manhattan, or Fashionably Old. All of these features make this one of the best cocktail bars in D.C.
Our Cocktail Recommendation
The Fashionably Old: infused Bulleit bourbon, walnut bitters, orange, cherry. When you're eating something classic like an expertly prepared cut of meat you'll want to pair it with a classic cocktail. This take on the standard old-fashioned is a delight to sip and shows the expertise needed to elevate a classic.

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