Cultural Stories

Black Chefs in America:
Jahmond Quander

Jay Quander (1799 Prime Steak & Seafood Instagram)
The Quander name is synonymous with Black history and the complicated culinary legacy of Black cooking in America. Known as the oldest documented African American family to have come from African ancestry to present-day America, the Quander family tree is rich, expansive, and deeply rooted in American history.

Jahmond "Jay" Quander, founder and CEO of the stylish and historical 1799 Prime Steak & Seafood, is part of the Mount Vernon branch of the Quander family tree. Known as a "sharp dressing, detail-oriented, approachable and results-getting leader," Quander brings his stylish and detail-oriented approach to dining to every guest who visits.
Inside the restaurant's dining room is a nine-panel mural painted by artist Sabrina Rupprecht that pays homage to the Quander family history bringing to the forefront the arrival of the Quander family ancestors all the way to the present-day opening of 1799 Prime Steak & Seafood with plush seating, stylish art, and imaginative cocktails.

Quander's new and imaginative vision for the future is on full display in 1799's Peacock Lounge. There Quander offers a stylish retreat from the day where signature cocktails are made with fresh herbs handpicked from 1799's garden. In the dining room, the culinary team serves elevated American fare with a fine eye for detail. Diners will indulge in prime cuts of meat and coastal favorites like tempura lobster tail, seared scallops, or blackened rockfish. Throughout it all, diners are greeted with impeccable service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere that's expected from any of Quander's past operations.
As a modern Black chef in America, Jahmond Quander represents the lasting legacy and future impact Black chefs have on the culinary industry. Whether it's at his former home of Mount Vernon or his current home, 1799 Prime Steak & Seafood, Quander pays homage to his family's historical roots while charting his path forward to a new culinary future.
Celebrating Black History
All Year Long
We're bringing to life the stories of great Black chefs this month and throughout the year because the culinary impact Black chefs have isn't reserved for February. Join us year-round as we celebrate chefs like Gregory Gourdet (Kann), Eric Mckree (Filé Gumbo Bar), Keem Hughely (Bronze), Matt Horn (Horn Barbecue), and Jahmond Quander (1799 Prime Steak and Seafood) for their innovation, cultural impact, and incredible talent.