Our Favorite High-End Restaurants in Washington D.C.

Guide By Cole Bubenik
Washington D.C. is full of high-end restaurants serving world-class culinary and dining experiences. Whether you're living in D.C. or visiting on vacation, dining at one of D.C.'s Michelin-starred restaurants, culinary tours, or spirited restaurants, is sure to delight.
When putting together this guide to the best high-end restaurants in Washington D.C., inKind experts considered a lot of different factors. What are their main course offerings? How hard (or easy) is it to get a reservation? Is the menu chef-chosen, or decided by the diners? All of these questions helped us narrow down our list of restaurants to highlight some of the best high-end restaurants currently available in Washington D.C.

The restaurants we've included in this guide are currently available on the inKind app and through inKind Pass. That means you can use inKind Pass to dine and drink at any of these locations, all from one account. Plus, you'll get spending bonuses every time you dine at these, and other, restaurants on the inKind app.

If you're looking for more of the best high-end restaurants in Washington D.C., make sure to check out the hundreds of other restaurants currently available.

Places Featured in This Guide:

Our Favorite High-End Restaurants in Washington D.C.

The Bazaar

1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004
High-End Restaurants D.C. - Destino
A vibrant mix of sophisticated cuisine, artful service and playful theatrics, The Bazaar by José Andrés is where dining transcends into fête extraordinaire.

Our Recommendation
Beef Cheeks "Eisenhower" Stew, Build Your OwnCaviar Cone and Polvoron.


1245 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002
High-End Restaurants D.C. - Destino
Bronze is a creative-fare restaurant that represents the imagined travels of Alonzo Bronze. Serving creative gastronomical cuisine inspired by Afrofuturism and the African Diaspora.
Our Recommendation
Enjoy their Charred Yuzu Squid, Grilled Sea Bass and Braised Oxtail with Pappardelle.


1280 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002
High-End Restaurants D.C. - Destino
Destino is a sheer delight to visit and dine at. Describing itself as a "dashing modern Mexican" spot you'll fall in love with its bold cocktails and Latin American flare. The team behind Destino serves world-class interpretations of classic Mexican dishes and drinks, inspired by its staff members' travel, visits, and personal histories.

Whether you're coming for their 3-course brunch menu or heading in for dinner, you'll get beautiful dishes like Chips and Caviar, classic enchiladas, or mouth-watering churros.
Our Recommendation
Enjoy their Pato entree: duck breast, prickly pear gastrique and frijoles bayos.


920 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001
High-End Restaurants D.C. - Causa
Helmed by Chef Carlos Delgado, Causa is a Peruvian-tasting experience touring Peruvian Coastal and Andes cuisine. Perfect for anyone seeking a world-class dining experience, this six-course tasting menu highlights the magnificent natural regions of Peru. Diners will enjoy whole fish, seafood, and other world-class fish selections from Causa's fish market.

Making the experience even more special is the remarkable wine pairing curated by Chad Spangler. Overall, Causa's beautiful dishes and cozy intimate dining room make this high-end restaurant one of our favorites.
Our Recommendation
Try their Arroz Con Erizos a La Chiclayana: sea urchin, bomba, kabocha, ají Amarillo, Chica de Jora, Leche de Tigre, and lobster oil.


480 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004
High-End Restaurants D.C. - Jaleo
Jaleo is where celebrated Chef José Andres got his start. Serving a menu blending the festive spirit of Spain with José Andres's personal style and personality. Guests will love Jaleo's three tasting menus each offering a unique and creative take on the dishes that make Jaleo such a celebrated culinary spot.

With the Chef's Special guests get a tour of quintessential Spain featuring traditional tapas and recipes passed down through generations. Also available is the Jaleo Experience Menu which takes tapas to the next level with the addition of seasonal and specialty dishes paired with heartier servings.
Our Recommendation
Order The Jaleo Experience Menu, a tasting menu exploring the most popular tapas, full of seasonal and specialty dishes, plus heartier servings.

1799 Prime Steak and Seafood

110 S Pitt St, Alexandria, VA 22314
High-End Restaurants D.C. - 1799Prime
This spot for steak and seafood is infused with history. Describing themselves as a "polished modern steakhouse" 1799 Prime Steak and Seafood is a high-end restaurant serving prime steaks, fresh seafood and delicious craft cocktails in Old Town, Alexandria. Their elevated communal interior and the classic red-brick exterior give this spot a historical feeling that's sure to delight any diners.

Their Peacock Lounge serves classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Moscow Mule alongside their delicious craft cocktails like an Aperol Mule, 1799 Smoked Manhattan, or Fashionably Old.
Our Recommendation
Order from the Chef's Butcher Block to get the full steakhouse experience. Try one of their prime ribeyes or their prime tomahawk cuts of meat.

Visit the Best High-End Restaurants in D.C.

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