Equity Eats: Our Commitment to Under-represented Restaurant Operators

Creating pathways to financial sustainability for under-represented independent operators is a core tenet of our work at inKind. At the start of 2023, we established the Equity Eats Summit to accelerate our (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ESG efforts.
Our ESG Commitment
We're proud of our work to provide restaurants with the lowest cost form of financing—but we believe we can do more. To further inKind's commitment to help restaurants succeed, we are launching an ESG effort to provide $250 million in funding to under-represented, and under-served restaurant operators by 2025.

This commitment will help ensure that minority-owned and underrepresented restaurant operators, who traditionally face significant hurdles to obtain the funding necessary to start or expand their businesses, have access to much needed capital that will help create a level playing field to compete and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

In addition to providing much needed funding, to enhance this initiative inKind is also establishing the Restaurant Owners Alliance to support minority owned businesses by providing resources like training, marketing support, and mentorship. These efforts are designed to create a support structure that increases the likelihood these restaurants experience sustained success.

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More guests, exposure and capital
Access to 250,000+ guests who are incentivized to discover, dine and spend more at your restaurant
Recognition and co-marketing alongside top-rated restaurant peers on the inKind app.
Per unit capital that is debt-free, equity-free and non-restrictive.
How it Works
Because inKind holds F&B credit to your restaurant, our objectives are shared. When your restaurant succeeds, inKind succeeds, too.
inKind sends new, high-spending guests to your restaurant. Guests pay with the inKind app.
inKind provides guests with a monetary bonus to discover, dine and spend more at your restaurant.
inKind markets your restaurant to 250,000+ incentivized guests on the inKind app and other channels.
Operators receive working capital (per unit) that is debt-free, equity-free and non-restrictive.
inKind purchases food & beverage credit to your restaurant at a 2:1 ratio.
Full payback plus interest

Can take many months to get

Personal guarantees or pledging of assets

Default can results in forfeiting the business to the lender
A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)
A Bank Loan (or SBA loan)
inKind Capital is not:

inKind Capital is:
No loans, no sacrificing ownership

Minimal impact on cash flow.

inKind brings operators one step closer to achieving sustainable profitability.

An Equity Partner
First in line to get paid any profits

Operator can wait years to see any profits for themselves

Full payback plus interest and a fee

High interest rates

Default can result in even higher interest rates and a debt spiral
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