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Use at all restaurants, cafes and bars on the inKind app. The more you purchase, the larger the bonus.
– Lisa Tinegate
"Nothing brings people together like good food."
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Two ways to dine
inKind offers two options to get bonuses and satisfy your hunger.
Get bonuses to spend on food & beverage at the most popular restaurants.
Bonuses of up to $2,000+
From Michelin star restaurants to cozy cafes, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
Hundreds of restaurants
Use the inKind app as your digital dining wallet to close your tab seamlessly.
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inKind Pass
Use inKind Pass to dine at hundreds of restaurants on the inKind app.
Use a House Account to dine at one restaurant group on the inKind app.
House Accounts
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inKind is passionate about connecting people through diverse cuisine, bold flavors, and time spent dining together. With this in mind, inKind's mission is to support the growth and success of restaurants by providing resources, creating new guest experiences, and offering special bonuses for restaurant guests.
Make inKind your new digital dining wallet
Earn a bonus each time you reload your account.
Get a bonus on every purchase
Dine at hundreds of partner restaurant locations.
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Receive bonuses of up to $2,000+ at the top restaurants nationwide.
How to use inKind
The inKind app
Join 200,000+ inKind diners and elevate your dining experience.
Discover, dine, get a bonus, repeat.
Hundreds of restaurants from coast to coast, including:
New York
Washington DC
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Know a restaurant that should be on inKind?
Recommend your favorite restaurant to join the inKind platform and receive $1,000 in dining credit if they sign up.
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