Why We Ask For Your Location and Photo
Why we need your location:
  • Experience - The restaurant wants to provide you with a personalized experience. When you walk in, the inKind app tells the restaurant that you are present and pulls up your dining profile.
  • Security - We also use your location to confirm that you are at the restaurant when credit is used from your House Account.

Do we know your location at all times?

No. We use sensors in the restaurant that are triggered when someone with our app gets within a few feet of them. To protect your privacy, the only time we know where you are is when you trigger a sensor. So if you open the app at home, we won't know where you are.

Location-sharing options:
  • Only While Using the App (iPhone only) - This is what the majority of apps require. The inKind app will work just fine for you, but you'll need to remember to pull out your phone when you walk into the restaurant so the app can find the beacon. We'll help remind you by putting a card in your digital wallet.
  • Always Allow - We don't actually use your location "always", that's just the wording Apple and Android use. We just use your location when you are near one of our restaurant beacons.
    If you select this option, you are giving the app permission to notify any of the restaurants in the inKind network when you walk in to them. This allows the restaurants in our network to give you free stuff and a personalized experience. In time, you'll get a monthly email with the restaurants in your area that want to give you something for coming in because they know you are going to be a great customer.
  • Don't Allow - The app won't work since we won't be able to tell the restaurant that you are there or allow credit to be taken from your House Account

Why we need your photo
We ask you to upload a "selfie" or photo because we want the manager on duty to come over to your table and welcome you to the restaurant.

With manager turn-over and a number of guests to remember, being able to provide a photo to jog the manager's memory or help them match up your profile as you take your seat, is really useful.

If you'd rather not add a photo of yourself, you can take a pic of an object or wall (like some people do on their social media accounts), but just be cognizant that the restaurant might not be able to give you a more personalized service if they can't easily identify you.

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