Restaurant Toolkit

Leveling the playing field for all.
inKind is excited to present the Restaurant Toolkit, created to serve as a launchpad for rising stars in the restaurant community. Meaningful funding? Amazing front- and back-of-house services and tools? Fellow restaurateurs who are looking to help out? That is inKind's Restaurant Toolkit.
Financial Sustainability

One of the most challenging parts of running and growing your restaurant (empire?), is accessing the right amount of funding when you need it. For over 10 years, we have worked with restaurants of all sizes—including our very own—and we've seen how loans and equity investments are not always good fits. We created the Restaurant Toolkit to provide a variety of tools, but at its core lies good and sufficient capital. We aim to match the financial requirements of your business, without a loan to repay or any ownership taken.

Our Impact Credit Fund, is specific capital set aside or raised to address the needs of independent operators. Additionally, it isn't a secret that banks and equity investors have a track record of ignoring or providing unfair terms to certain groups. Our Toolkit and fund were designed to empower historically and perennially marginalized and underrepresented restaurant owners. Independent operators of all backgrounds deserve fair consideration and equal access to money. Your business is the backbone of local economies and the hub for communities around the country. We want to keep enjoying your food and service today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Tools beyond money

Money is great, but there are a seemingly endless amount of things to keep on top of when running your restaurant business. The Toolkit provides solutions so that you don't have to start from scratch when designing your website, picking a point of sale, or sorting out your finances. Each tool or service has been pre-vetted and pre-negotiated by us. In our own restaurants we have tested out tools like points of sale, accounting software and bulk ordering programs. We have suffered through the kinks and picked winners, so you don't have to. Everything we provide has also dealt with us negotiating on your behalf to get better prices and better fits for your type of restaurant.

Finally, when you take part in the Restaurant Toolkit and this community grows, we will continue to provide learnings and support along the way. Excitingly, we will establish and grow regional hubs to connect you with fellow restaurant entrepreneurs who you can connect and grow with.

Goal of funding to be dispersed through 2025
Restaurant operators who will receive funding in 2024
By the numbers
Here's the impact we plan to make on the restaurant industry
For restaurant operators
As a Restaurant Toolkit operator, your restaurant will be added to our app, and we will market your restaurant to our 750,000+ users. This gives your business a big opportunity to get discovered by high-spending guests.

If you are interested in securing funding, here are some key details to consider:
  • Eligibility Criteria
    To qualify for funding, operators should have at least one restaurant already in operation that is primarily owned by a racial minority, woman, LGBTQIA+ person, and/or veteran.
  • Application Process
    Our sales team is readily available to assist with the application process. They will promptly reach out to gather the necessary financial and business information. You may apply at any time.
  • Repayment Terms and Ownership
    The unique feature of our fund is that operators receive working capital (per unit) that is debt-free, equity-free and non-restrictive. We provide funding in exchange for food and beverage credits, which we then sell to our user base through the inKind app. Rest assured that inKind does not hold any ownership stake or control over your restaurant - you retain full ownership and autonomy.
  • Support Services
    In addition to funding, we offer a range of support services. These include financial literacy programming, seminars on topics like financial sustainability and leveraging technology for streamlined operations, as well as opportunities to network with other operators through local meetup groups.

Donating to the inKind Impact Credit Fund represents an opportunity to make a meaningful impact and support underserved restaurant owners and their communities. By investing, you help operators create thriving businesses, drive innovation, and promote inclusivity within the restaurant industry.

Your investment grants access to crucial resources, including financing and education, which in turn assist these business owners in achieving their goals. Beyond the immediate benefit to individual businesses, your support signifies an investment in a brighter, more equitable future for all.
For investors
We're proud of our work to provide restaurants with the lowest cost form of financing—but we believe we can do more. To further inKind's commitment to help restaurants succeed, we are launching the inKind Restaurant Toolkit and Impact Credit Fund to provide $250 million in funding to restaurant operators by 2025.
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