Staff and Restaurant Appreciation of "The Bear"

The operators of the more than 1600+ restaurants on our platform and our more than 100 inKind employees dedicate their lives to the hospitality business. Many of them have been superfans of FX’s Emmy Award-winning series “The Bear” since it premiered. As the third season of “The Bear” gets ready to drop on Thursday, June 27th, some of our operators and staff shared their thoughts on the show.
Here’s what they had to say:

This sentiment from an inKind restaurant partner echoes the experiences depicted in "The Bear" and underscores the importance of the support provided by inKind to restaurant owners navigating these challenges.

"The Bear” does a profound job at depicting the emotional and physical intensity of operating and running a business, especially as an owner. As an owner, you are responsible for your livelihood, the livelihood of others, and it is a crash course in leadership in an area that we are still learning as well. There’s a big responsibility and it can be daunting if not overwhelming, there’s so much that is outside of our control and how we pivot has an impact.” said Rhea Michel, Co-Founder of Saucy Chick, inKind Restaurant Partner.
"The Bear" also highlights the mental health struggles faced by those in the industry, particularly in the Christmas episode of Season 2. The high-pressure environment of a kitchen, as depicted in the show, is something many restaurant workers can relate to. An inKind employee shared a heartbreaking story of a colleague who succumbed to the pressures of the industry during the pandemic. inKind is committed to not only providing financial support but also advocating for mental health awareness and resources within the industry.

“The Bear" might be exaggerated for some, but for me, it felt very relatable to how things can go when there is poor management, lack of emotional intelligence, very little compensation, and I could keep going. Suicide has affected many people in our industry, and seeing that “The Bear” raises awareness touched my heart deeply. Sometimes we are harsh in the kitchen and we don't even know what chaos others are going through at home.” said Shayel De Leon, Sales Development Manager at inKind.

An episode in Season 2, where Richie learns the importance of attention to detail and going above and beyond for guests, resonated deeply with inKind employees. One employee shared an experience from a previous job where a small act of providing extra rhubarb compote left a lasting positive impression on the guests. inKind empowers restaurant staff to create memorable dining experiences through its comprehensive support system, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

One guest asked me if we could bring out more rhubarb compote for his cheesecake, as he was dissatisfied with the amount on the plate. It took a lot of energy for me to swallow my pride and walk back to the kitchen, but I was definitely frustrated. I went to the pastry chef and asked for some extra compote, fully expecting an eye-roll and either a begrudging "sure," or a flat "no." Instead, I got a 1000-watt smile with the response, "Absolutely. Whatever makes the guest happy!" In the end, it was a very small gesture, and the guests at that table were very pleased to receive it.” said Ben Mandell, Account Executive at inKind.

"The Bear" authentically captures the trials and triumphs of the restaurant industry, resonating deeply with those who have lived these experiences. InKind is at the forefront of addressing these challenges by offering low-cost capital and invaluable resources to restaurant operators, ensuring they have the support needed to thrive.

Do you have your own story of working in the restaurant industry and how it compares to “The Bear” you would like to share? Head over to inKind’s Instagram post and leave a comment! By highlighting these real-life stories and the impactful role of inKind, we hope to inspire more conversations around the importance of support and innovation in the restaurant industry.

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