Why We Celebrate inKind Day

By Johann Moonesinghe
Restaurants are a vibrant hub of our local communities—first birthday celebrations, job promotions, fifty-year anniversaries. Every day—breakfast, lunch, dinner—and the snacks in between, guests descend to local cafes to study, propose to their future spouse with a ring tucked in their pocket, and traverse the world together with a simple bite.

That is our mission at inKind—to enable moments of connection through a shared meal.

January is often the slowest month for restaurants. It's a phenomenon my husband Andy and I experienced firsthand when we launched our first restaurant concept in DC. Guests who would stop by to dine regularly went into hibernation mode, and then they would re-emerge in March.

That's why when we completed our trial with our first restaurant and launched inKind on January 24 2017, we decided to mark it as a special day—a day we could commemorate to support our restaurants: inKind Day.

Please join us in dining out in support of restaurants this inKind Day. And to help with this, we've added an additional 10% to our regular inKind Pass tiers.

Happy inKind Day, all!